Сabinet subscriber anti-vandal 4 section

Сabinet subscriber anti-vandal 4 section
 Dimensions  998x360x76.5 mm


DescriptionGeneral information

      A 4-section anti-vandal subscriber cabinet (hereinafter referred to as the cabinet) serves as a mailbox for a group of four subscribers and is installed on the wall of the room intended for their installation - usually a corridor (vestibule) on the ground floor of multi-apartment building entrances. The number of cabinets required for installation is determined by the number of apartments for the entrance of the house, divided by 4.
  The cabinet consists of a building with four subscriber sections, each of which is closed by its own door, and from above, access to the subscriber sections is closed by a door for the postman. All doors are equipped with their individual key locks. The upper door (door for the postman) protects the subscriber sections from throwing in them unwanted correspondence and advertising. The cabinet and cabinet doors are made of 0.8 mm thick steel and coated with powder paint. The color of the coating is determined by the customer (the base color of the coating is light gray).

    On the rear wall of the cabinet there are 4 mounting holes Ø7 mm with center-to-center distances of 630 × 146 mm. Cabinets can be mounted on the wall in rows close to each other horizontally and with a pitch of 380 mm (with a gap of 20 mm between the cabinets) vertically.
 The service life of the cabinet is 20 years.
 The warranty period of operation of the cabinet is 24 months from the date of commissioning.

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