Dear consumer, you can evaluate the quality of our work on the portal of rating the quality of services in the Republic of Belarus "quality-services.bel", or to fill out the "questionnaire evaluation of customer satisfaction" and send to the email address of the enterprise This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



  Purpose: gaining consumer confidence and strengthening of the status of the reliable producer and supplier due to achievement of the high level of quality and competitiveness of products.


  The main objectives of activity of the enterprise are the maximum meeting requirements and consumer expectations and also rapid response to change of these requirements by means of:

  • continuous increase in the reached products quality level;
  • continuous improvement of technical parameters and functionality of products.


  Strategic direction of development of the enterprise are:

  • mprovement of quality of development, production and delivery of products, increase in its competitiveness;
  • continuous improvement of a quality management system and its strict compliance to requirements of ISO 9001;
  • continuous advanced training, motivation and level of professional development of personnel of the enterprise;
  • rational use of resources of the enterprise and decrease in production costs at high-quality providing products;
  • introduction of modern automated systems and information technologies at all stages of product lifecycle;
  • establishment, maintenance and development of mutually beneficial cooperation with partners of the enterprise on domestic and foreign markets.


  Each employee of the enterprise on the basis of accurate distribution of duties and responsibility:

  • participates in product quality control and carries out the principle "the contractor of the following transaction – your consumer";
  • improves skills and improves the professional skill;
  • economically, rationally and effectively uses resources of the enterprise;
  • makes offers on improvement of quality, technical parameters and functionality of products, to increase in its competitiveness;
  • provides good production practices in the workplace.

  The top management of the enterprise undertakes to show leadership and commitment to a quality management system and bears responsibility for its effectiveness; creates all conditions for ensuring release of quality and competitive products and bears responsibility for production of inappropriate quality.


  Fair work of each employee of the enterprise will allow to reach high-quality products, will increase cost efficiency of the enterprise that is a guarantee of growth of welfare of each his worker and also moral satisfaction and pride for history of the enterprise and honor of our trademark.

Director of JSC "PROMSVYAZ"                                               I. Martsinovich