Coordinate punching

Coordinate punching, perforation of sheet materials
Maximum dimensions of the workpiece
1250х2500 mm
General information
JSC "PROMSVYAZ" carries out work on cutting contours, holes and grooves of complex and simple geometric shapes, forming elements in sheet materials up to 1250x2500 (steel, copper, brass, aluminum), up to 3 mm thick. It also performs welding work by contact welding and electric welding, including electric welding in protective environments of argon, carbon dioxide and their mixtures using stainless and non-ferrous metal wires and welding-soldering of galvanized metal.
  Technical capabilities of the equipment:
Cutting equipment and technologies on CNC turret presses of the FINN-POWER E5x and DELTA models 1250 contours, holes and grooves of any complexity, forming elements up to 4 mm high in sheet material (steel, copper, brass, aluminum). The thickness of the material is 0.5-3.0 mm. The maximum dimensions of the workpiece are 1250x2500 millimeters. Formation of a set of 29 tools on a turret press allows you to ensure for one installation to perform on the sheet the whole set of necessary holes and moldings. Press punching speed - up to 700 beats per minute in 1 mm increments. The positioning speed of the sheet is 108 meters per minute. The tool is manufactured independently, which allows you to design and produce a special tool for custom shapes of holes in the customer’s products.
Ventilation openings in the form of blinds can be formed, and flanges for threads are also performed. The minimum hole size is 1.0-1.2 sheet thickness. The size of the maximum side of the hole formed in one stroke is 89 mm.
The size of the workpiece when bending sheet metal on CNC presses up to 3000mm. Working bending speed up to 20mm / sec. Exceptional reproducibility and highest accuracy of repeat bends, positioning accuracy + -0.01mm. Automatic adjustment of stops.
  FINN-POWER E5x CNC Coordinate Turret Press
  FINN-POWER eP-1030 CNC press brake
  • FINN-POWER E5x CNC coordinate turret press
  • CNC coordinate turret press DELTA 1250
  • FINN-POWER eP-1030 CNC press
  • equipment for resistance welding ASP-75, ATP-10, SF-102.
  • equipment for electric welding JASIC MIG 350 (J1601), PDG-312-4
  • installation of pulse soldering-welding of parts from galvanized sheet material
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