Plastic casting under pressure

Plastic casting under pressure
Range of volumes of castings
от 15 до 2000 сm3
Range of linear dimensions of castings
5 - 500 mm
Casting projection area
до 1000 сm2
General information
JSC "PROMSVIAZ" Public Corporation renders services on casting under pressure of polymer materials items in die casting machines with locking force up to 500 tons. Cast volume is from 15 to 2000 cm3
General Information:
We offer injection molding of plastic at foreign and domestic injection molding machines. The locking force is 80-500 tons.
  • ТМ 280К/1400;
  • ТМ100К/300;
  • ТМ500/3280;
  • En 120.

Casts volumes range is from 15 to 1000 cm3., casts dimensions to 5-500 mm, cast projection square up to 1000 cm2. Apart from basic equipment the production is equipped with additional special tools (thermostats, dryers, crushers, dozers for colorants, temperature adjusters for hot channel casting), allowing to flexibly control the process of casting and provide a high quality of casts, as well as to produce items with small thickness of walls and sophisticated configuration of surfaces.

We can rework a wide range of thermoplastic materials: low pressure polyethylene, high pressure polyethylene, poly propylene; polystyrene, ABS plastics, polyamides, TEP, PVC, etc.

In addition, we are ready to carry out turnkey projects for the design of plastic products, the design and manufacture of molds and plastic molding. The customer provides only a sample or a sketch of the part, and JSC "PROMSVYAZ" takes over the design, manufacture of the mold and molding of plastic products.

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