Powder polymer coating

Powder polymer coating
Dimensions of coated products
from 50x50x1 mm to 2200x600x1500 mm
General information
JSC "PROMSVYAZ" offers services for application of protective and decorative coatings on metal products using a polymeric epoxy-polyester powder, polyester epoxy powder paints.
General Information:
The technological process of applying protective and decorative polymer coatings to metal surfaces of PROMSVYAZ OJSC involves the use of polymer powder epoxy-polyester, polyester, epoxy paints in a wide range of colors according to RAL. In accordance with STB ISO 12944-2009, the applied coatings have good adhesion and strength, high corrosion protection, durability in operation up to 10 years in various climatic modifications. Application of electrostatic spraying equipment Wag ner provides the application of traditional and exclusive powder coating systems. The range of coatings includes shagreen leather, gloss, moire, matte, semi-matte texture, it is possible to apply multilayer coatings, including priming with powder zinc-coated primers.
Surface preparation for painting parts with 1 degree of fat content up to 2 g / m2 is carried out in a combined solution of degreasing and applying a phosphate protective film. Sizes of coated products from 50x50x1 mm to 2200x600x1500 mm.
The average monthly production capacity is about 2500 sq.m. surface to be coated.
  • Jet degreasing mount with simultaneous phosphatising
  • Submersible degreasing mount with simultaneous phosphatising
  • Warm water jet washout mount
  • Wet items drying oven
  • Spray chamber with two workstations and sprays “WAGNER”, with ventilation and recuperation system
  • Polymer coating formation oven
  • Transportation system – of “coordinate” type with upper position of monorail, with two transport rails and necessary set of bogies for items
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