Assembly and mounting production

Assembly and mounting production
Maximum board size
460mm x 410 mm
General information
Assembly and  mounting production JSC "PROMSVYAZ" provides services for the combined installation of components on boards using both SMD components mounted on the surface of a printed circuit board and components mounted in holes, as well as for volumetric installation (connecting wires, bundles, cables with connectors using methods wrapping, crimping, tapping, soldering).
General Information:
Double-sided surface (SMD) installation of components on the surface of the printed circuit board (paste / paste and paste / glue) can be performed. The paste / glue is applied through stencils on a semi-automatic installation. The maximum board size is 460mm x 410mm. Production of cliches is possible.
Automated installation of SMD components in the cases of CHIP, SOT, SO, SOD, MELF, SOP, PLCC, SOJ, TSOP, QFP, BGA delivered in tape, pencil case, matrix tray on the m4e machine (i-PULSE, Japan). Frame sizes of elements from 0402 to QFP 45mm x 45mm, in increments of 0.5 mm or more. It is possible to install large-sized SMD components on a manual manipulator with video control. The paste is melted and the adhesive polymerizes in the MISTRAL 360 convection oven.
Combined mounting is possible, combining SMD mounting using components mounted in the board holes. In this case, mechanized molding of component leads, mechanized double wave soldering at the SEHO installation, manual installation of components using PACE soldering stations are performed.
  Types of Services:
  • Automated SMD installation.
  • Installation of DIP components (double wave soldering).
  • Manual installation.
  • Installation of prototypes of boards.
  • Stencil making.
  • Board washing.
  • Moisture-proof spray coating.
  • Volumetric installation: connection of wires, plaits, cables with connectors by methods of wrapping, crimping, tapping, soldering.
  • Locksmith assembly of products.
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