Vandal-proof mailbox

Vandal-proof mailbox
 Dimensions  400x700x188 mm
11 kg
Number of sections
gapless, anti-vandal
Container coating RAL 5015 powder polymer paint


DescriptionGeneral information

      The anti-vandal mailbox is designed to receive and ensure the safety of correspondence. It is installed on the walls inside buildings and structures in the places of receiving mailing lists. The box has a high degree of protection against hacking and penetration.

     The box is made of steel sheet 0.8 mm thick. Consists of prefabricated construction. Securely attached to the wall. It has a powder polymer coating (RAL 5015). Doors are equipped with locks. Each subscriber has his own individual set of keys, providing access only to his cell. Correspondence bookmark is made through a common door equipped with a separate lock, providing the postman access to all cells.
  Thus, this box protects correspondence from unwanted access, allows you to deliver only official print media and letters, and keeps the staircase clean and safe.

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