Digital television transmitter DTT-2000М-Т2

Digital television transmitter DTT-2000М-Т2
Rated output power
2000 W
Power Consumption no more than 3.7 kW
DescriptionGeneral information
    The radio transmitter is designed for digital television broadcasting in the IV frequency range in the DVB-T / T2 standard.

Main technical specifications:

  • The rated output power is 2000 watts.
  • Power consumption - not more than 8.2 kVA.
  • The stability of the frequency of the output oscillations during operation from the internal reference generator is ± 0.5 x 10-8 per year.
  • The nominal value of the wave impedance of the output high-frequency feeder is not more than 50 Ohms.
  • Bit error rate (BER) before Viterbi decoder - no more than 10-9.
  • The rms value of the modulation error coefficient (MER) is at least 35 dB.
  • The power level of spurious emissions in the band from 30 MHz to 4 GHz is no more than minus 60 dB.
  • Qualitative indicators of a radio transmitter during its operation on a load with a standing wave coefficient (SWR) - not more than 1.1.
  • The operability of a radio transmitter when it is operated on a load with an SWR is not more than 1.6.
  • The radio transmitter is powered from a three-phase alternating current network with a voltage of (230 ± 23/400 ± / 40) at a frequency of (50 ± 0.2) Hz in a four-wire circuit with a grounded neutral.
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