Cabinet street telecommunication all-weather CSTAW-1

Cabinet street telecommunication all-weather CSTAW-1
Dimensions 1534x719x660 mm
130 kg
Useful Depth 540 mm
30 U
DescriptionGeneral information
The all-weather street telecommunication cabinet CSTAW-1 is designed to accommodate telecommunication equipment, ensuring its protection against unauthorized access and harmful environmental factors.
The cabinet is made of sheet steel GOST 16523-97 with a thickness of 2 mm. The telecommunication compartment is internally covered with a thermo-insulating material PPE 3005 WB insulator bracket 5 mm thick. Cable entries are protected by plugs. The upper part of the casing is prepared for the installation of the fan module TsMO MV-400-2.
The front door of the cabinet has a stopper, a foam rubber seal, is fixed with a bolt lock.
the back wall is removable, has blinds and a filter element.
The roof height of 90 mm is removable, has: a slope for protection against precipitation; slight protrusions relative to the cabinet body; perforation of the bottom to allow free convection. It is fixed with screws to the housing.
The base of the cabinet is removable, 70 mm high, has a welded structure, and is fixed with screws to the housing. It is possible to fasten the cabinet to the prepared base with the help of the anchor bolts supplied.
The cabinet comes assembled on a wooden pallet.
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