Cabinet telecommunication climatic CTC-4

Cabinet telecommunication climatic CTC-4
Dimensions 1130x1836x850 mm
300 kg
Product life 10 years
DescriptionGeneral information
Climatic telecommunication cabinet CTC-4 (hereinafter - CTC-4) is intended for installation of telecommunication equipment and outdoor operation within the ambient temperature range from minus 50 ºC to plus 50 ºC, while the temperature inside the cabinet ranges from plus 20 ºC to plus 35 ºC is ensured by the use of a heating and cooling system in the form of a heat exchanger or air conditioner.

CTC-4 consists of a body, doors, roof and base. All components of the cabinet are vandal-proof made of steel 2 mm thick coated with powder paint in light gray. The case contains 3 compartments with the height of the working space (height from the bottom to the ceiling panel) 34U: the central telecommunications compartment, the left compartment - the heat exchanger (air conditioning) compartment and the right compartment - the cross compartment. Access to the central compartment is provided through the front and rear doors, and to the heat exchanger (air conditioning) compartment and to the cross compartment through individual compartment doors.
  The front and rear doors of the central compartment and the door of the cross compartment are solid with heaters installed under the panels on the inner walls, and the door of the heat exchanger (air conditioning) compartment has perforations and filters for air passage. The inner surfaces of the outer walls, bottom and ceiling panel of the cabinet compartments are protected by insulation. There is a document pocket on the inner panel of the front door of the central compartment. All doors are closed with bolt locks, locked with keys different for the locks of each compartment.
  The heat exchanger (air conditioner) is installed on the inner wall separating the heat exchanger (air conditioner) compartment and the central telecommunications compartment of the cabinet. Windows and mounting holes are made in this wall for installing the RITTAL heating and cooling equipment - TopTherm APT.NSK 3129.100 heat exchanger or SK 3304.500 air conditioner. In the compartment of the heat exchanger (air conditioner) there is a partition for separating the air flows (suction and discharge).
  In the central compartment there are 4 vertical brackets (length of brackets 33U) for installing 19-inch telecommunication equipment on them. They are equipped with a horizontal cable organizer (19``, 1U), a reinforced perforated shelf (19 '', 1U) with 4 mounting points and a DIN rail (19 ''). Batteries can be installed at the bottom of the central compartment.
  In the cross compartment on the inner wall separating the cross compartment and the central telecommunications compartment, there are 3 vertical mounting profiles (straights) for installing the STG2 C2 10P (PU) skirtings for 10 pairs each of 3M-POUYET firms with an installation pitch of 16 mm. On each profile, you can install 72 of these skirtings. Thus, the maximum capacity is 10 × 72 × 3 = 2160 pairs of contacts. For laying cables and routing them to the appropriate skirtings between the mounting profiles, 2 cable duct panels are installed, which are closed by covers.
  In the cabinet there are: at the bottom of the cross-section compartment - 4 cable entry-gland for inputting communication cables and one cable entry-gland for inputting a transit optical cable, and at the bottom of the compartment of the heat exchanger (air conditioner) - two cable input-gland (one of them can be backup) for the input of the power cable and external ground wire. In the wall separating the cross and the central compartments, there are 4 cable entry glands on the top and bottom of the cable duct panels for the passage of internal cables, as well as (top) cable gland for the passage of the transit optical cable.
  To control access to the cabinet, it has security alarm sensors - microswitches that are activated when the doors are opened.
  On the inner surfaces of the outer walls, on the walls separating the compartments, on the ceiling panel, on the bottom and on the cabinet doors there are M6 ground studs. To connect an external ground wire at the bottom of the heat exchanger (air conditioning) compartment of the cabinet, there is also an M8 pin.
  The compartment of the heat exchanger (air conditioner) also has a 5 × 15 mm2 grounding bus with a load capacity of 200A, which has 20 connection points with M5 screws and 2 25 mm2 grounding points.

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