Wall cabinet anti-vandal penal type 6 U

Wall cabinet anti-vandal penal type 6 U
Dimensions 605x315x505 mm
not more than 26 kg
Useful capacity, U 6
Product life 10 years
DescriptionGeneral information
Wall cabinet anti-vandal penal type 6 U is designed for installation in it of active and passive telecommunication equipment in unheated basement, attic, technical rooms.

The cabinet consists of a welded body made of steel, 2 mm thick. The door is of a penal type and has stiffeners. It is fixed by a class 3 lock according to GOST 5089-2011. To install the equipment, it is possible to dismantle the door. The cabinet is attached to the wall with anchor bolts (not included in the package) through reinforced holes in the side wall. Cable entries are located at the rear of the cabinet, have additional protection, size 40x40mm. A grounding system is provided.

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