Wall cabinet anti-vandal ПЮРК.301233.098

Wall cabinet anti-vandal ПЮРК.301233.098
Dimensions 600x520x469 mm
no more 32 kg
Net capacity, U
DescriptionGeneral information

The anti-vandal hinged cabinet is designed to accommodate active and passive telecommunication equipment in unheated basement, attic, and technical rooms.

The product consists of a welded case on which a metal door is installed, equipped with a three-point locking bolt lock to prevent unauthorized access. For the installation of equipment in the housing, vertical racks are installed on the horizontal lateral brackets with perforation elements for installing built-in equipment and accessories. In the upper part of the housing there are openings for the passage of cables, closed by step cable entries. To ventilate the equipment, holes are provided in the side walls of the cabinet. The holes are blocked by metal plugs or perforated panels (included in the delivery).

The cabinet is attached to the wall with anchor bolts (included in the delivery) through the holes in the rear wall.

Product delivery set:


Quantity, pc

1 Wall cabinet anti-vandal ПЮРК.301233.098


2 Passport ПЮРК.301233.098ПС


3 Panel blinds ПЮРК.745112.049


4 Filter Panel ПЮРК.741138.082


5 Filter material FilTech   ФТ-150-G3 



6 Rag-bolt М6х8х60 (Арт.70008)


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