Infokiosk cases

Infokiosk cases
Dimensions 422x380x1624 mm
Weight 38 kg
DescriptionGeneral information

The infokiosk case is intended for further operation in public places (bank, clinic, etc.) in self-service premises, floor type.

      The body structure is made of steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm. Under all the necessary accessories, studs are welded into the body. It is possible to install a card reader, printer. Access to the main components is through a door with a lock. There are 4 cable entries in the housing.
  Case coating - RAL 9006 powder polymer paint, textured (smooth matte). For its stability, weighting agents in the form of plates are embedded in the base of the housing. Also at the base of the housing there are holes for anchoring to the floor.
  Shipment of the case in assembled form in the package (air bubble film) without accessories.

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