Solid waste container (ТБО 0,75 | ПЮРК. 301445.019)

Solid waste container (ТБО 0,75 | ПЮРК. 301445.019)
1334x974x996 mm
DescriptionGeneral information

       The container for collecting plastic household waste and waste paper with a useful volume of 0.75 cubic meters. m. made of sheet steel GOST 16523-97 with a thickness of 2 mm.
  On the front panel there is a technological hole for receiving waste 600x150 mm. It has a single-leaf lid, folding to the side of the rear panel of the container. On the side panels there are stops to facilitate the capture of a garbage truck by the manipulator during mechanized unloading.

  The container has the shape of a truncated pyramid, painted in yellow.
  It has the following advantages:

  • ability to withstand heavy loads;
  • the presence of a durable cover;
  • convenience and ease of operation;
  • high stability;
  • resistance to heavy loads, ultraviolet rays, chemical and biological influences.

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