Waste paper container (ПЮРК.301241.080)

Waste paper container (ПЮРК.301241.080)
Dimensions 2091x1150x1199 mm
Weight 163 kg
DescriptionGeneral information

        The container is intended for collecting waste paper or municipal solid waste. Operating conditions: outdoor, all-weather.
  The product has a prefabricated design with rivets. The container body is made of galvanized steel 1.2 mm thick and painted with polymer paint. The container door has a padlock of street design. The locking mechanism is made in the container door, and is equipped with a crossbar rotary mechanism, the handle of the lock serves simultaneously as a protective cover for the padlock. On the front side of the container above the window of the waste paper (waste) throw-in and above the door there are visors for rainwater drainage, which prevent water from flowing inside the container. The window for throwing waste paper (waste) is located at a height of 1.6 m and is protected by a rotatable rubber shutter; All external surfaces are coated with powder polymer paint (glossy smooth) for convenient gluing of social advertising information.




Overall dimensions, mm


Weight, kg


Размеры окна для приема макулатуры, мм


Door dimensions, mm




Container coating (outer surfaces)

Powder polymer RAL 6018 paint (glossy smooth)

Container Feet Cover

Powder polymer RAL 7035 paint (glossy shagreen leather)

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