Telephone set М337 DERBY

Telephone set М337 DERBY
35 numbers
Storage of outgoing numbers
5 numbers
Repeat of the last dialed number


SpecificationGeneral information

  Telephone set M337 DERBY is designed to work with automatic telephone exchanges. The model provides caller ID identification in the FSK / DTMF (CLIP) system


    Main characteristics:


  • The combination of the pulse and frequency transmission methods of dialing signals ("P" - "E")
  • Inclusion in automatic telephone exchange through the blocker or AVU
  • Subscriber adjustment of ringing acoustic signal (“HI” - “LO”)
  • Indication of dialed number
  • Memory for 35 numbers
  • Storage of 5 outgoing numbers
  • Repeat the last number dialed (“REDUIL”)
  • Consecutive automatic dialing of several programmed numbers
  • Dial a programmed number by pressing the corresponding buttons
  • Obtaining additional types of service DVO ("FLASH") - line reset
  • Line Hold Function (“HOLD”)
  • Programmable Pause (“PAUSE”)
  • PREDIALING function
  • Loud-speaking reception of PBX signals and subscriber response ("SPK")
  • The function of blocking unauthorized access to the telephone network "Anti-PIRAT" (prohibition of dialing certain numbers)
  • Indication of number and current time in a format of 24 hours
  • Calculator
  • Dialer backlight
  • Duplication of a ringing acoustic signal by light
  • Busy line indication
  • Ability to operate the telephone in the desktop and wall-mounted installation
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