Telephone set М335 DERBY

Telephone set М335 DERBY
Storage of the last dialed number
Illumination of the dialer
Introduction of a programmable pause


SpecificationGeneral information

   Our company has been developing and manufacturing wired telephones for many years. Today we offer the consumer several models of apartment-office cord telephones, which differ in modern design.

  General Information:
  • Apartment-office cordless telephone with keypad and tone dialing device.
  • The phone provides the ability to operate in a desktop or wall-mounted installation.

  The design of the telephone provides for the use of "Euro-connectors" when connected to the telephone line.
  Designed to work with automatic telephone exchanges.



  • The subscriber adjusts the level of the ringing acoustic signal - “max-average” (“H” - “L”).
  • Pulse and (or) frequency methods of transmitting dialing signals - “P” - “T”.
  • Store last dialed number
  • Repeat the last number dialed - "REDIAL".
  • Inclusion in automatic telephone exchange through the blocker or AVU
  • Getting TWO - “FLASH”
  • Dialer backlight
  • Introduction of a programmable pause - “PAUSE”.
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