Optical distribution cabinet ПЮРК.301241.075

Optical distribution cabinet ПЮРК.301241.075
Dimensions 350x320x120 mm
Operating temperature
- 5 - +45 ° С
Storage temperature
-15 - + 55 ° С
DescriptionGeneral information
Optical distribution cabinet for rooms. Supports up to 24 SC / FC connectors. It is made of steel with a thickness of 1.2 mm, painted gray (with polymer paint).


  • Meets the requirements of YD / T 2150-2010 Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box.
  • High ergonomics contributes to quick setup during installation, expansion.
  • The design allows the use of various methods of connecting optical fibers: cold connection (cold splice), welding (fusion splice) and quick connection (quick connect).
  • Meets IP protection requirements. Has a reliable lock and hinges, sealing system.
  • Adopts multi-level architecture.
  • Supports cable branching and midrange access.

  Suitable for wall mounting in various rooms.

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