Access optical distribution cabinet for 64 subscribers

Access optical distribution cabinet for 64 subscribers
Dimensions 460x450x150 mm
11.5 kg
Maximum number of subscribers
DescriptionGeneral information
Access optical distribution cabinet for 64 subscribers ПУРК.301241.079 (hereinafter referred to as SHORP) is designed for installation at branch points of passive optical networks and is suitable for operation in closed rooms at temperatures from minus 5 ° С to plus 50 ° С, with an upper relative humidity of 80 % at a temperature of plus 25 ° C.

The cabinet is made of cold-rolled steel with a thickness of 1.5 mm and consists of a housing divided by a patch panel for adapters into two compartments. In the left compartment there is a plastic organizer with eight cassettes for 12 ports, as well as an organizer and a cable tie. In the right compartment there are three parts in the form of half-coils for laying the stock of distribution patchcord cables and a stud holder for installing optical splitters. Entrances for optical distribution cables and brackets for fixing cables to the cabinet body are provided on the side surfaces of the case, as well as from below and from above. Each compartment has a door whose secret hinge is riveted to the body. Doors are equipped with locks to prevent unauthorized access. All cable entries, as well as the connection of the doors and cabinet cabinet are protected by rubber seals.

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