Distribution floor box (ПЮРК.301241.085)

Distribution floor box (ПЮРК.301241.085)
Dimensions 314x185x93 mm
no more than 3.6 kg
Number of subscribers
DescriptionGeneral information

The floor junction box is designed to connect the local distribution junction cable included in the junction box plinth to single-pair subscriber wiring.

The product is intended for indoor use at a temperature of 5 to 40 ° C, with an upper relative humidity of 80% at a temperature of 25 ° C
The product consists of a housing and a cover fixed to the axles. The cover is equipped with a lock with a triangular key to prevent unauthorized access. Inside the box there is a hinged panel with 2 cassettes and a holder into which optical adapter couplings are inserted. Bottom and top are provided inputs for optical cables, protected by rubber seals.

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