Terminal payment reference TPR-1

Terminal payment reference TPR-1
Weight no more than 120 kg
Rated power consumption
no more than 200 W
ОписаниеОбщая информация

  The terminal is designed to provide online reference information and automate the receipt of various payments in cash, magnetic and electronic cards. The terminal is installed in public areas. The terminal operates in a continuous round-the-clock mode.


  • Overall dimensions of the terminal - no more (595х1960х400) mm
  • Weight - no more than 120 kg.
  • The terminal operates in an Ethernet local area network with a data transfer rate of up to 1000 Mbps.
  • The rated power consumption does not exceed 200 watts.
  • Power is supplied from a single-phase AC network with a rated voltage of 230 V and a frequency of 50 Hz.
    • The display is a terminal element designed to display information to the end user and organize the functional interface.
    • A device for entering a PIN code. The numeric keypad PIN-pad is designed to enter a personal identification number (PIN).
    • The coin acceptor is designed to receive cash when paying for goods or services. When accepting coins, the coin acceptor can accept several denominations of coins. The characteristics of each coin are stored in flash memory. Data on each coin is entered in programming mode by throwing a coin into the coin accepting hole.
      When passing a coin, its characteristics, such as diameter, electromagnetic permeability, and sometimes weight, are compared with data in flash memory, and if they match, the coin is accepted.
    • The printer is designed to display information on letterhead paper. The issuance of information forms is carried out through a special slot located in front of the terminal.
    • The card reader is designed to read plastic cards.
    • The bill acceptor is designed to accept cash when paying for goods or services. When accepting bills, the bill acceptor determines the face value of the bill and checks its authenticity. The storage of accepted bills is carried out in a special box - a cash stacker, which is removed during the collection of the terminal.
    • The system unit integrates all terminal devices into a single system.
    • The uninterruptible power supply is used for uninterrupted operation of the terminal during emergency situations in the power grid. It has an intelligent connection with the system unit. After disconnecting the voltage, it closes all open applications and turns it off. After resuming power, it turns on the terminal again.
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